EPS泡沫CNC路188asia由器, CNC Foam Cutting Machine for Mould Making



EPS/foam CNC router usually comes with a big working dimension for carving and cutting large-size workpieces of wood, aluminum, and styrofoam. It can also be equipped with an ATC spindle and a rotary device for complex, heavy-duty, and long-term work. It is widely used to process and carve wood and styrofoam automotive, ship or other molds, and GRG or GRC decorations, and architecture models.



EPS泡沫CNC路188asia由器是一种泡沫CNC机器,它主要是作为CNC泡沫切割器用于造粉化的CNC泡沫切割机,它具有很大的工作尺寸,在雕刻或切割大型工件的不同材料(例如,例如)方面做得很好,例如木材,铝,聚苯乙烯泡沫塑料,但不适合钢,铁等。我们还将其称为EPS CNC,泡沫CNC。

增强 /升级版本:

The structures, tables, CNC kits among Foam CNC Router machines are more or less the same, but they always have different spindles, this also led to a difference in price and machining ability. For Basic type and common usage, it has the same spindle as 3 axis CNC; For a heavy-duty and long time working, we recommend it equipped with an ATC spindle; For complex surface carving, a swing spindle is better; Sometimes, one or more rotary devices(4th axis rotary table) are also needed, please come to our sales manager for more advice.

Why choose the EPS foam CNC router?

Hand-tool working greatly affects the efficiency and quality of mold making. CNCs have the advantages of uniform margin, fast processing speed, and high processing quality, this CNC foam cutting machine is widely used in many industries, which not only improves the quality of mold castings but also shortens the mold production cycle.


  • Casting mold industry: It can be used for the precision production of various cast wood molds for various automobiles, ships, aviation, trains, etc. And also be used for research and development and production of automotive interior decoration and exhibition decoration materials.
  • Casting and sculpture industry: Processing and engraving of various casting process products, lost foam, exhibition decoration materials, and GRG decoration materials.
  • Building decoration industry: Processing and production of building decoration materials such as GRG and GRC.


  • 采用原始的横梁三角形平衡导轨结构和Z轴平衡辅助设备,它可以确保对多曲面的快速和稳定处理。
  • It adopts Taiwan's integrated operating system, which is easy to operate and powerful, and has online simulation and online monitoring functions to ensure safe and efficient processing.
  • Processing size can be customized according to processing needs. And whose Z-axis travel can be up to 2.2 meters and this machine can be upgraded to a 5 axis CNC machine.
  • Adopting automatic oil lubrication system, it is easier to operate and maintain during the processing.
  • 采用大功率伺服驱动系统在连词unction with the top accessories such as the Italian spindle to make the equipment stable and durable.
  • Intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent mechanical collision caused by excessive design file processing.
  • 多样化的控制可以单独控制处理速度,空转速度和切割速度,从而大大提高了处理产品的质量和加工效率。188金博宝亚洲体育
  • 随着连续断裂点雕刻,功率恢复,处理时间预测的功能,无论切割或精细雕刻都可以方便。
  • Extremely humanized design combined with ergonomic design makes your operation easier. Regardless of whether the operation panel is highly designed or modularized, it is to make you have a better user experience.

Foam CNC Router Parameters

Model Foam CNC router with press roller, linear form CNC router, foam CNC router with rotary device
尺寸 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, 1800*2400mm, 1800*2500mm, 2000*3000mm, 3000*5000mm, etc
System Syntec 21mA,Syntec 6MB,Weihong NK105,Syntec 60We等
Processing material Wood, aluminum, styrofoam, plastic, MDF, plywood, etc
Price Range $30,000 - $90,000

Foam Router Bit



不用担心,Blue Ele188金宝搏官网版下载phant承诺为客户提供定制的服务。因此,您可以根据您的偏好和处理需求来提出任何合理的请求,以供泡沫使用哪种CNC路由器位。188asia

Types of Foam CNC Router Machine

Foam carving machines can be divided into various types according to different functions. The following are some main foam cutting routers for sale.
ATC CNCFoam Router
This is a type of foam CNC router equipped with an automatic tool changer magazine. Added with a linear auto changer magazine or carousel auto tool changer, it can not only automatically change different tools but also complete more patterns and complex engraves. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, low maintenance cost, high engraving accuracy, etc. Moreover, it reduces the interference of manpower, which save a lot of labor and time, as well as improves work efficiency.
The 5-axis foam cutting router is one of the most high-end and multi-functional CNC machines for sale. Usually, the 5 axis eps CNC router can be designed with more horizontal or vertical drilling heads or rotary axis to complete more complex projects. First of all, it has a higher Z axis, which can process most of the workpieces with a very large size and scale for helping big foam manufacturing factories. Secondly, it does not require multiple clamping when processing complex engraving. And it can be formed at only one time, which will ensure the high accuracy of the work piece and improve the processing efficiency at the same time. Thirdly, the 5 axis foam carving machine can realize more functions such as cutting, engraving, drilling, slotting, milling, carving, etc. Furthermore, it is more flexible and can realize high-precision processing of curved surface and 3D products.

How Much Does A Foam CNC Router Cost?

The foam CNC router price depends on many factors, such as the type, size, CNC kits, and so on. For Blue Elephant EPS styrofoam CNC router machines, the small foam cutting machine price often ranges from $30, 000 to $80, 000. While the large foam CNC router price usually ranges from $35, 000 to $90, 000. And if you want to add some extra high-end or upgrade foam router bits, the foam cutting machine price will be higher. Maybe the new foam CNC machine price can reach more than $100, 000. So the CNC router foam Cutting machine price will be decided by your designs.

How do You Cut Foam with a Foam CNC Router?

Use computer-aided design (CAD) software to establish and optimize the design according to the pseudo-content object of the foam packaging. Through computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, the design dimensions are converted into specific digital instructions. Documentation information must also be converted into a language that the foam CNC engraving machine understands - G code. The program basically tells the machine what to do, such as the size and depth of the cut, and the tool path to follow. When the NC machine receives the G code, with the appropriate head and material, the final product can be cut out of the foam. Sophisticated foam CNC cutting machines and sharp blades allow the operator to cut any shape out of the foam materials.


The foam CNC router is also known as the foam cutting router and foam carving machine. Therefore, it can realize CNC cutting projects and CNC engraving ideas to bring you profits. For example, it can realize cutting foam with CNC router to design a lot of industrial foam molds for large factories. In addition, the CNC foam router machines can also realize cutting foam on CNC router to make interesting foam status and 3D foam models for decoration or advertising industry. At the same time, such a kind of styrofoam CNC router is able to engrave nice 2D or 3D patterns on foam boards to produce many good products.

最常见的业务从EPS CNC路由器中受益更多的是模型行业。188asia因为,泡沫CNC路由器切割机可以实现188asiaCNC泡沫雕刻大型泡沫型号,例如泡沫汽车型号,泡沫船舶型号,泡沫飞机型号等。虽然这些大型泡沫型号具有生动的外观,良好的存储,方便运动,方便的运动,方便,方便,方便,方便,重量轻,易于生产和低成本。188金博宝亚洲体育因此,越来越多的客户倾向于从中订购大型泡沫模型。因此,泡沫模型行业将赚更多的钱,但成本降低。

Precautions for Using the Foam CNC Router

1.Keep it clean
3.Connect firmly
Do not pull the connection cable or pull out the power plug. You must keep away cable from heat sources and inflammable and explosive materials, and avoid contact with sharp objects.
4.Fix safely
Fix the material before processing. Moreover, pay attention that it is absolutely forbidden to fix it by hand.
5. Proper维护
6.Cut off the power supply in time
When changing the tool, the power supply of the machining spindle motor must be cut off. And if replacing the processing material, you should better cut off the power supply of the numerical control equipment.

7.Prohibit piracy

Pirated engraving or CAM software and incorrect machining tools are prohibited. It is easy to produce processing waste, which will seriously damage the CNC equipment and even cause personal injury.