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Author: Jack; Last Modify:2021年4月14日

三轴CNC路由器和四轴188asiaCNC路由器统称为木工雕刻机。根据不同的处理路径,它可以进一步分为三种类型的雕刻机,例如三轴,四轴和五轴。如今,Blue188金宝搏官网版下载 Elephant想向您展示三轴雕刻机和四轴雕刻机之间的区别,包括5个方面,包括什么,他们可以做什么,配置的差异,所应用的行业以及它们的差异以及选择CNC木路由器的一些注意事项。我们要做的是帮助您选择更适合您处理需求的CNC机器。跟着我现在得到它。

Part 1. What is CNC router?

3 axis CNC router

3 axis CNC router is the entry-level engraving machine for the engraving machine industry. It can perform intelligent milling, engraving, cutting, milling, grooving and drilling functions in different materials by moving a tool bit on three-axis. As a basic machine, it can be upgraded to other machines like multi-head CNC router, multi-process CNC router and other CNC machine.

Processing path of 3 axis CNC machine 4轴CNC路由188asia器

通常可以将4轴188asiaCNC路由器划分为4轴CNC路由器和旋转轴CNC路由器。与3 Axis CNC路由器相比,第四轴雕刻机188asia在其主轴上特殊,可以向左和向右摆动180度。而且这种类型的4轴CNC路由器不仅可以实现188asia平面处理,而且还可以使双方都有工作。它主要对3D工件进行一些表面处理。

Processing path of 4 axis CNC router


Processing path of rotary axis CNC router

Part2. What are the differences in configurations?

机床: Compared with the 3-axis engraving machine, the bed of the 4-axis engraving machine is thicker, which not only ensures the machine is more stable at high speed but also ensures the accuracy of the machine. At the same time, the service life of the machine is extended accordingly.


导轨: The commonly used guide rail sizes are 20mm, 25mm, 30mm. It is recommended that the four-axis engraving machine select 25 mm or more. Rails of this size have a strong carrying capacity, which not only helps to increase the speed of the machine but also increases the processing efficiency accordingly.

控制系统: The conventional 3-axis engraving machine is recommended to choose DSP, NK105, and Mach3. The four-axis machine is to choose the control system with faster processing speed and higher control precision such as Syntec, Baoyuan, Siemens.
Cooling method: The three-axis engraving machine generally adopts manual spray cooling, and a four-axis engraving machine uses automatic oil mist/water spray cooling to facilitate the processing of stone metals.

Part 3. What they can do?

3 axis CNC router

The 3 axis engraving machine has only three working directions as X, Y, and Z-axis. Due to the limitation of the working direction, So it only can realize the plane engraving. And it is impossible to achieve complicated hollowing out and 3D engraving. If you want to achieve simple flat machining in wooden furniture, advertising, and other industry, these three-axis machines can meet your machining requirements. For example, three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft window processing, shoe polishers, game cabinets and panels, mahjong tables, computer tables, and panel furniture products’ auxiliary processing.

Samples processed by the 3 axis CNC router

4 axis engraving machine has four processing directions of X, Y, Z and A-axis, and includes both three-dimensional CNC router and rotary CNC router. Therefore, the four-axis engraving machine can realize the processing of three-dimensional work pieces such as Dragon pillar, Guanyin statue, Buddha statue, Roman column, gourd and so on, and cylindrical work pieces like turned and box newel posts, corbel, handrail, chair leg, door and window frame based on the plane engraving machine.

Samples processed by 4 axis CNC router Samples processed by rotary axis CNC router

Part5. What industries are applied?

CNC router is widely used in furniture, advertising, crafts, molds, electronics, construction, printing and packaging, wood, decoration, tombstones, crystal products, stone industry. As mentioned above, the four-axis engraving machine is an upgrade of the 3-axis CNC router. Therefore, compared with the 3 axis CNC router, the application range of the four-axis engraving machine is more extensive.

Part 6. How to choose them?

There are various types of engraving machines, and how to choose an engraving machine is important for users. Today, Blue Elephant teaches you how to choose between three-axis and four-axis engraving machines. If it is just simple plane processing, the three-axis engraving machine can satisfy. If you need to perform complex, three-dimensional and diverse processing, then the four-axis engraving machine is the best choice. So, how to choose the four-axis engraving machine with two linkage modes? The next thing I want to talk about is the rotary engraving machine. How do users choose a machine based on where the rotary device is placed? And the precautions when purchasing a four-axis engraving machine.

When the rotary device is directly placed on the machine table, it does not affect the processing size. The rotary device can be put on and taken off at any time, which is more convenient to use for users. So it is suitable for users with small workpieces.


Which user is suitable for the case where the rotary device is independent of the machine bed, and what are the benefits? If the width of the machine is greater than 2 meters and the diameter of the rotary shaft is greater than 200 mm, it is recommended that the rotary shaft be placed independently of the machine. This will not affect the effective processing size of the user, but will also benefit the packaging and transportation of the machine.

以上是带有旋转装置的4轴雕刻机的不同情况。接下来要说的是用户如何选择一个可以旋转的主轴的四轴CNC路由器?188asia因为主轴可以向左和向右摆动,所以横向方向的工件的加工大小将在一定程度上减小。当主轴旋转时,加工精度也将受到影响。目前,机器零件的准确性和机器组件的准确性尤为重要。因此,用户必须选择具有足够生产强度的制造商,例如Blue Elephant,并且在技术和组装方面足够专业,以减少错误范围并获得188金博宝亚洲体育令人满意的处理结果。188金宝搏官网版下载

Part 7. What can Blue elephant provide for you

完整的苹果hine types:


Perfect after-sales service:

The professional after-sales service team provides you with 24-hour online and offline services. Regardless of any issues about machine selection, installation, operation, repair, maintenance, etc., you can always contact us. Responding to the customer for the first time has always been our commitment to our customers. Besides, we have a dedicated technical team that visits customers every year to solve any problems related to the CNC engraving machine according to customer needs.

If you want to know more about the CNC machine, you can follow us. We will continue to update the relevant knowledge about CNC machine such as buyer guide of the CNC router, machine operation, machine maintenance. Blue Elephant looks forward to progressing with you and growing up together.